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Anna Portfolio 1-1715
Anna Portfolio 1-1716
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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Attraction
Table Tents

4-panel and 3-panel table tent designs to promote the opening of the new attraction at Magic Kingdom®: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The 4-panel features a die-cut for the opening of the mine, where the viewer can see Grumpy inside with all the jewels. The inside was printed matte with a UV coating on the jewels to make them "shine". This table tent was utilized in local area hotels and has a call to action to visit the Guest Services desk to purchase their Disney Theme Park tickets.

The 3-panel version was designed for Travel Agents across the U.S. It features different boiler plate copy on each side in addition to book their Walt Disney World® vacation today! This piece was requested to be tall and skinny in order to stand out from competitor pieces.

Initial illustration made by another artist, but conception, major photoshop work, layout and design is my own.

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