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New Year, New You, New Portfolio, New Blog!

After years of thinking about creating, and tons of forgotten posts written only in my head, I am finally dedicating time and space for my blog. About me. About design. About creativity. About the beauty of life.

For those who know they won’t make it to the end of the post, please take a moment to view my Portfolio and Etsy store (links below)!

Who am I anyway? Most, if not all, of you reading this first entry know me; but for the sake of future readers, and those who want to know me better, I am an artist. Everything I do is driven by my love of art and beauty in the world. What is art? Most people will say the top three correct answers on the board: painting, drawing and sculpture. Sure, I did a lot of those in school while obtaining my Bachelors of Fine Arts, but art is so much more than just that. Other fields include graphic design, web design, photography, writing, dancing, singing, calligraphy, paper cutting, hand-drawn animation, computer animation, architecture, videography, ceramics, tapestry making, knitting and crocheting, fashion design, mosaic making, crafting…the list can go on and on. My point is, there is so much art in the world and we shouldn’t judge a person’s proclamation to be an artist based on how well they draw or paint. I can’t count the number of times I have told someone that I’m a designer for Disney and the first thing they say is “Oh, can you draw me Mickey?” To which my response is that I can, but it won’t look like the Mickey in the cartoons! I like to say my “Mickey’s” are his cousins! Don’t get me wrong, being a Disney animator was my first desire. It’s hard to not get drunk from the idea of being a part of those full length animated features (yes that is the proper name for the films – they are not cartoons!) But I get bored easily and need to move on to the next project, and one project taking 5 or so years is just too long for me. And the fact that my school’s animation program closed during my second year helped steer me away too. I will discuss career path options in a future post that includes how I chose graphic design.

For now, I am in the New Years’ spirit of new goals and aspirations. Yes, I know it’s February, but I’ve been working on this portfolio site since Jan. 1! I always have a new goal or achievement in mind, but the new year gives me that slap I need to actually begin my projects. I hope you will continue this journey with me as I explore and discuss topics such as: career development, internships, hobbies, small business exploration, the corporate life for artists, self-doubt and how to overcome it, obtaining inspiration, continuous development, and much more – not particularly discussed in that order.

Please take a moment to view my Portfolio and my Etsy store (links below)! A new Etsy store is in the making, too!


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